A Deacon is called...

A deacon is called by God and the Church to be a model of Christ's servant ministry for all people. As agents of God's compassion and reconciling grace, deacons are missionaries to the world.  Deacons are the messengers to the Church. Bringing light to the needs, hopes and concerns of the poor to the Church.  Deacons call forth, empower and inspire people to responded to the needs of the disenfranchised. 

Deacons are encouraged to prayerfully consider what their social ministries might be, and to explore opportunities for such ministries. Deacons understand that they have entered into a lifelong discernment--constantly adjusting the direction and scope of their ministry.

The ministry from the beginning has been about servanthood, in all its many forms and aspects.
— Canon Charleen Crean, Archdeacon


Resources for Deacons


Episcopal News

The Episcopal News is the established Diocesan news service; covering church news, events and people from around the world. Read the Rev. Pat McCaughan's recent article, "The Archdeacon: Deacons 'serve margins of the church and world,'" on the Episcopal News website.


Association for Episcopal Deacons

The Association for Episcopal Deacons is the preeminent diaconal association of the Episcopal Church.  It exists to enable the diakonia (diaconal service and action) of all the baptized. 



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