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The Office of Formation and Transition Ministry administers a carefully designed program for the discernment, education, and formation of those called to serve Christ’s people including; lay ministers, deacons and priests.

It is through a process which incorporates prayer, discernment, education, and mentorship that a person’s call to ministry is uncovered and brought to its fulfillment.  All discernment, lay and ordained, begins in the congregational setting.

Fully active discernment involves congregational leadership, sponsoring clergy, the Bishop, the Commission on Ministry, and the Standing Committee, facilitated by the Office of Formation and Transition Ministry.

Episcopal discernment engages many faithful voices in response to an individual’s call to leadership in the Church at the prompting of the Spirit.

This office is staffed by its chair, the Rev. Canon Joanna Satorius, assisted by the Venerable Canon Charleen Crean, and the Rev. Thomas Quijada-Discavage.

Canon Satorius serves as a consultant for congregations preparing to call new clergy leadership as well as diocesan intake officer and coordinator for the Fresh Start Program.  Archdeacon Crean oversees the formation process for all those preparing for ordination and serves as the liaison with the diaconal community.  Rev. Quijada-Discavage has care for all things administrative including clergy licensing, canonical transfers, and assists with the Fresh Start Program. 

The department works with the Bishop’s office to offer such yearly opportunities for clergy wellness as the annual Clergy Conference. The office oversees funds for continuing education, sabbatical leaves and seminary scholarships and works with the Communications Office to coordinate content for the clergy newsletter, the Angelus.



The Rev. Canon Joanna Satorius

Canon for Formation and Transition Ministry And Diocesan Intake Officer

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 The Venerable Canon Charleen Crean

Archdeacon and Assistant for Formation and Transition Ministry

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The Rev. Thomas Quijada-Discavage

Administrative Assistant for Formation and Transition Ministry

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To download a PDF copy of "Discerning the Call," a guide for those interested in the ordination process

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