Retired Clergy


RECORE is our mission is to create a community with and for retired clergy

There is always more room to grow and serve. If you are a clergy person who has retired and still feel the deep called to serve as a priest--we are the group for you. 


Chaplain to the Retired Clergy: 
   The Rev. Canon Lynn Jay (

RECORE Leaders
   The Rev. Canon Lynn Jay, Chair
   The Rev. Canon Betsy Anderson
   The Rev. Canon Greg Frost
   Mr. John Hubbard
   The Rev. Barbara Stewart

RECORE Deanery Chaplains
   Deanery 1: The Rev. Julie Morris
   Deanery 2: The Rev. Canon Greg Frost
   Deanery 3: The Rev. Canon Betsy Anderson
   Deanery 4: The Rev. Bud Williams
   Deanery 5: The Rev. Bob Honeychurch
   Deanery 6: The Rev. Canon Judith Heffron
   Deanery 7: The Rev. Canon David Caffrey
   Deanery 8: The Rev. Canon Robert Cornner
   Deanery 9: The Rev. Reese Riley
   Deanery 10: The Rev. Barbara Stewart

Useful documents:

Leavetaking: Best practices for departing a congregation

On the Ethics of Clergy Transitions and Boundaries, by Bishop Mark Beckwith